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About Brendel Eye Care

Brendel Eye Care provides the highest quality, compassionate optometrist care to ensure your family enjoy a long, happy, and healthy life.

About Us

​​​​​​​We strive to give you the best quality optometry services possible. Check out our highly-trained team of professional doctors below. From regular checkups to full-eye exams, we will give you the vision that you have always wanted! We have a full range of optical equipment to ensure that you receive the quality care you have come to expect. Give us a call today!

“I decided to open my own eye care clinic because I believe in independently owned, small businesses. Having my own clinic allows me to spend the necessary time with my patients to properly diagnose and treat ocular conditions while maximizing vision and getting to know my patients. Medina is home to me and my family and I am grateful to contribute to healthcare in this community. I look forward to seeing you!” – Dr. Brendel

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